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10 Tips to Keep a Beautiful Smile

Smile is the first thing that you notice about someone. A beautiful smile means that you are keeping in good health including physical, mental and oral. Smiling is the key to visual communication but if your teeth are not white, your self-confidence may dampen. It reduces stress levels, lifts the mood and spreads positivity to light up surroundings. You can have the best smile only if you have healthy and white teeth.
You know what it takes to create and maintain a smile that enhances your appearance? Well, not just braces to align your teeth. Or, there are women who pick up lipstick shades like rich reds, nude or berry colours or pinks that carry a cool tint to hide yellow stains.

Say no to smoking and drinking

What you need is to grow wise and quit smoking to retain shiny white teeth and put a limit to drinking red wine, coffee, dark sodas and tea or rather drink through a straw.

Look at your whitening needs

Weigh your whitening needs before opting one of those rinses, gel pens, strips, tooth pastes, laser whitening or custom trays.

Twice brushing a day keeps the doctor away

Whether manual or electric, buy a quality toothbrush and brush twice a day to solve half of your problems.

Use dental floss

Floss daily before plaque turns into tartar and leads to tooth decay. Also, pay a visit to the dentist after every six months.

Go to a dentist half-yearly

The dental hygienist not only removes tartar and stains from your teeth but also tries to reduce related health risks like oral cancer and high blood pressure. Go for timely dental treatment before small problems like tooth decay get bigger leading to tooth abscess. You can consult any of the dentists who are experts in their areas, such as periodontology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, conservative dentistry and endodontic, orthodontics and dentofacial orthopaedics. They also specialize in prosthodontics and crown and bridge, paediatric and preventive dentistry, oral pathology and microbiology to serve their patients in a better way.

There are dental experts who specialise in different streams to offer you dental care. Periodontists take care of the periodontal disease treatment, dental implant placement and cosmetic periodontal procedures. Prosthodontists specialise in dental prostheses, and they are experts at restoring and replacing teeth. Orthodontists fix the jaws and teeth that are positioned in an improper manner. Endodontists focus on the dental pulp and offer root canal treatment.

Brush the right way

The most basic thing that prevents discolouration and keeps your teeth in good health is the right way to brush. Use fluoride toothpaste and brush gently by keeping a 45-degree angle and massage your teeth for about two minutes.

Use alcohol-free mouthwash

Try out some other methods like using a mouthwash that is devoid of alcohol to avoid cavities, infections as well as stains on the teeth. Apart from rinsing your mouth, chewing a sugarless gum helps in retaining fresh breath.

Say cheese

Opt for some weird methods like eating cheese for calcium benefits or oil pulling to lubricate the gums for at least 10 minutes.

Get orally irrigated

Dentists use Waterpik water flosser to flood your mouth as well as gum pockets with water pressure. This pressure penetrates the teeth to flush out food debris and prevents bleeding of gums and inflammation.

Keep a tab on your diet

Have a diet full of fibre. Do not feed on carbs and sugar as acids attack on the tooth enamel.

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  • Wednesday

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  • Jalia

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  • Jeana

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