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Counselling Sessions FAQs

Santosh Group of Institutes is about to conduct counselling sessions for students interested in pursuing medical and paramedical courses for the batch starting in 2017. These are interactive sessions aimed at informing prospective students of the courses offered by Santosh Group of Institutions and what they entail, in terms of curriculum, professional application, duration etc. Do attend these sessions as they will give you a great insight into various medical professions and help you choose the right one for yourself!

Here are some FAQs related to the sessions:

  • When can I attend the counselling?

The sessions are being held from: 15th April to 30th September
Timings are: 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday

  • Where are the sessions being held?

The sessions are being held at: No.1, Santosh Nagar, H Block Ghaziabad – 201 009, India.
Contact details: +91 120 2741141/42/43, 2741777, +91 78388554410, 9811147423

  • What qualifications do I need to attend the counselling sessions?

Minimum 10+2, required subjects PCBE/PCME

  • Who will be providing the counselling?

Trained Counsellors and Senior Faculty Members

  • Do I need to carry anything with me?

10th and 12th Mark sheets/Intermediate Certificate &

  • How do I register for the sessions?

You can walk-in to the venue and fill the requisition form for admission. You shall be given counselling on the same day, depending on the counsellor’s availability.

  • What courses can I get counselling for?
Master of Physiotherapy



Cardio-Pulmonary Disease

2 Yrs Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Master of Occupational  Therapy




2 Yrs Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
M.Sc Hospital Administration 2 Yrs Medical or Non-Medical Graduate with 50% Aggregate
M.Sc Medical Anatomy

Medical Physiology

Medical Biochemistry

Medical Bio Technology

Medical Microbiology

3 Yrs Medical or Non Medical Graduate with 50% Aggregate
M.Sc. Hospital Administration 2 Yrs Medical or Non Medical Graduate with 50% Aggregate
Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Occupational Therapy

4 ½ Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB as Subject)
Bachelor of Nursing 4 Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB as Subject)
Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology

Medical Radiology & Imaging Technology

3 ½ Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB/PCM as Subject)
Bachelor of Medical Microbiology 3½ Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB as Subject)
Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology 3 Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB as Subject)
Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery 3 ½ Yrs 10+2 with 40% Aggregate
Diploma in Medical Lab Technology


Central Sterilization Services

Radiology Technician

2 Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB/PCM as Subject)
Dental Hygienist

Dental Mechanic

2 Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB as Subject)
OT Technician 2 Yrs 10+2 with 45% Aggregate in (PCB as Subject)

Note: All the paramedical and allied health courses are affiliated under CCS University Meerut and all Diploma paramedical courses are affiliated under Medical Faculty (U.P.) Lucknow. All the courses are recognised by respective associations, councils, and regulatory bodies.


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