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Courses Offered at Santosh Group of Institutes

Santosh Group of Institutes, keeping in accordance with current trends in medical education, caters to students who are looking at excellent education in a multitude of medical courses including Bachelors programs in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, microbiology, MBBS, Ph.D. courses, Dental courses and Postgraduate medical courses.
The facilities, services and programs of Santosh are designed and implemented to bring together all members of the student community, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests — thereby contributing to intellectual, emotional, and social growth through informal interaction.

We follow a method of teaching that is not only didactic, but instills our students with a certain medical instinct that every doctor should have. We believe in hands on training and not just classroom lectures, as the study of medicine is incomplete without it. We take great pride in our moral and ethical code, aiming to cultivate responsible doctors who take their profession seriously and are dedicated to helping others. Teaching and learning approaches are designed to ensure that students acquire the appropriate scientific and clinical knowledge; the practical, procedural and communication skills or competencies needed to practice medicine, and that they develop professional attitudes and demonstrate behaviors appropriate to the practice of medicine.

“It is impossible for the part to be well, if the whole is not well” – Socrates. About 14% of the global burden of disease has been attributed to neuropsychiatric disorders, mostly due to the chronically disabling nature of depression and other common mental disorders, alcohol-use and substance-use disorders, and psychoses. Such estimates have drawn attention to the importance of mental disorders for public health. The burden of mental disorders is likely to have been underestimated because of inadequate appreciation of the connectedness between mental illness and other health conditions. Because these interactions are protean, there can be no health without mental health. At Santosh University, we have comprehensive programs in psychiatry, which aim to raise awareness about mental health related issues and cultivate psychiatrists who excel in their fields.

Besides these courses, the institute with its capable doctors, offers the following courses: www.santosh.ac.in

Have a look at our courses and we assure you that at the end of your years at Santosh, you will have undergone the most challenging education that will instill you with a certain confidence and the skill-set required to excel in your field.


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