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Indian Cardiologists, The Best in The World

Dr. Sharmila Anand, M.B.B.S, M.Phil, M.B.A.(H.A)USA

Santosh University

I once happened to interact with a Professor at the University of Maryland USA. He posed a simple question to me “Where do you find the best Cardiologist in the world?” I was expecting him to name some well-developed country with the high end technology. To my pleasant surprise he mentioned that they were from India.  More curious I wanted to know the reason. He said that these days’ docs depend on technology for diagnosis and in India, Clinical diagnosis was still the primary choice. An Indian Cardiologist could diagnose a murmur just with his stethoscope.  It was indeed heartening to know that people around the world look up to Indian Healthcare. More so with the surge of Medical Tourism, India has opened up Affordable Healthcare to the world.

Having said that, there is an ever-growing need of Healthcare professionals all around the world. We are way behind the WHO’s doctor patient ratio. The Healthcare profession can be categorized under three heads. 1. It’s a Divine profession: Saving a persons life is next to divine. The satisfaction on seeing quality of life restored to a person has to be experienced and not explained. 2. It’s a profession with no Retirement: A chance to serve the people till the very end. 3. It’s an Evergreen profession: As long as the world exists there will always be people who require medical help and likewise there will always be young individuals with the zeal to serve the mankind.

In a developing nation such as India, medical services play a very important role in the well-being of their citizens and indirectly play a very important part in the economic and overall development of the nation. The development of good healthcare services in the country is almost entirely dependent upon the medical, dental, paramedical & paradental education imparted in the reputed colleges of the country. Also, for the effective implementation of the various National Health Programs started by the Government of India, and research work in the field of healthcare, medical, dental, paramedical, paradental colleges and teaching hospitals play a very vital role. The options available to an aspirant stepping out of school to become a part of the noblest profession of healthcare are:

  • Medical:Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S)
  • Dental:Bachelor of Dental Surgery (B.D.S)
  • Paramedical Degree Courses:
    • Sc. Nursing – 4 yrs
    • Bachelor of Physiotherapy  (BPT) – 4 ½  years
    • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT) – 4 ½  years
    • Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) – 3 ½  years
    • Bachelor of Medical Microbiology (BMM) – 3 ½  years
    • Bachelor of Medical Radio-Diagnostic & Imaging Technology (BMRD&IT) – 3 ½  years
    • Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology – 3 years
  • Paramedical Diploma Courses:
    • Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery – 3 ½ years
    • Diploma In Medical Lab Technology – 2 years
    • Diploma In Optometry – 2 years
    • Diploma In Central Sterilization Services – 2 years
    • Diploma In Radiology Technician – 2 years
    • Diploma In Operation Theater Technician – 2 years
  • Paradental Courses:
    • Dental Mechanic – 2 years
    • Dental Hygienist – 2 years


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