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Triple Mission: Education, Research & Patient Care

The Santosh Group is dedicated to a triple mission of education, research and service. It is committed to maintaining an educational environment that prepares all students for a career of excellence in the practice of medicine and service to their communities. We recognized the need to engender and support life-long learning to sustain and expand competent performance throughout a physician’s career.
Therefore at Santosh, we provide today’s health sciences students with distinguished and committed faculty, thoughtful and humanistic mentoring, state-of-the-art learning facilities and clinical experiences in its very own, respected teaching hospitals.


As per the World health statistics report 2010, India had only 6.13 lakh physicians in the country, against a required 13.3 lakh, a staggering shortage of over 50% physicians. And the shortage is only rising. India has less than one doctor per thousand people, and we at Santosh have a vision to change this. The Santosh Group of Institutes is a deemed University, with medical, dental and paramedical college. There were set up with the vision to make skillful, passionate doctors out of students who would serve the country through their medical prowess. We have cultivated several doctors and aim to cultivate several more. We dream of an India where a shortage of medical professionals is non-existent, and work whole-heartedly towards achieving our dream. We have excellent doctors who instruct, educate and train our budding medical professionals.


Along with imparting medical training, we focus immensely on research and development. It is important that medical professionals understand the need for research as it is through research that constant innovation occurs. It is through innovation that better cures for diseases come about.  Ongoing scientific research occupies a major and important part of our activities at Santosh University. The University is well equipped with a state-of-the-art research center that keeps the patients and the extended medical community abreast with the latest developments.


India has an acute shortage of well-equipped hospitals. There is less than 1 bed per thousand people in the country. Chances are, if a person needs a hospital bed in an emergency, he might not get one. The Santosh Group of Institutions established the first hospital in Chennai with the aim of accessible medical healthcare for all, especially the lower income brackets. The second hospital in Ghaziabad was setup with the same purpose, along with imparting hands on training to the medical students in the University. The aim of Santosh Group of Institutes to create a medicity aims to fulfill the same vision, to provide for more hospitals and world-class facilities accessible to more and more people. Our Chairman Dr. P. Mahalingam observed the inadequacy of medical services in India and dreamt of providing excellent services to the teeming population of the country. Since then, he has strived valiantly to fulfill his dream. Both the hospitals are fully equipped with world-class facilities and excellent medical professionals.


This triple mission fills the hearts of the students, doctors and the management of the Santosh Group.


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  • Ryne

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  • Jacklyn

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