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Twenty Years of Excellency

Brief History
Dr P Mahalingam M.D. Gen Med, DM Cardiology, F.C.C.P, envisioned an India where affordable medical health care and facilities were available to all; where the underprivileged did not suffer ill health and disease due to lack of resources.  He dreamt of nurturing capable, young doctors who would excel in their respective fields and courageously take on the responsibility of treating their patients. This vision of his led him to establish his first hospital, Santosh Hospital Pvt Ltd in Chennai, Tamil Nadu in 1990. Since then, there has been no looking back. The commencement of Paramedical Colleges in Chennai occurred in 1993 followed by the setting up of Santosh Medical College in 1995 in Ghaziabad. Established in the same year, was the Santosh Dental College in Ghaziabad. Finally, the Para Medical Colleges in Ghaziabad were established in 1996.
The Government of India in exercise of its power, conferred by section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 granted Deemed University Status under the name and style of “Santosh University”, on 13th June 2007 and presently comes under Santosh Trust.
Our Mission
Santosh University is an institution of higher learning, with a triple mission of education, research and patient care. In addition to offering degrees in Medicine and Dentistry, the University provides an environment for learning and discovery through the education of healthcare professionals and biomedical students, research in health science and comprehensive health care.
The Santosh University is dedicated to its mission. It is committed to maintaining an educational environment for all students that prepares them for a career of excellence in the practice of medicine and service to their communities. We recognized the need to engender and support life-long learning to sustain and expand competent performance throughout the physician’s career.
Therefore at Santosh University, we provide today’s health sciences students with distinguished and committed faculty, thoughtful and humanistic mentoring, state-of-the-art learning facilities and clinical experiences in its very own, respected teaching hospitals.
Our Offerings
Santosh University, offering a vast multitude of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in various programs, harbors an environment of World Class medical facilities for its patients, the best available medical technologies for its students and the best possible doctors who not only painstakingly dispense great quality medical education to their students, but also heroically diagnose and treat their patients. The doctors focus on teaching essential practical skills to medical students, rather than just theoretical knowledge, a common practice in Indian Medical Colleges. They understand the importance of imparting practical, hands on training to the students to instill in them the skills to be prepared for any medical emergency or requirement. The learning environment is conditioned to enable personal and professional growth and is highly conducive.
The prime objectives of Santosh University are –

  1. Medical Education: To establish and run all courses of study, research and to provide efficient and systematic instruction, teaching, training and research in such branches of learning as it may determine in the field of Medical, Dental and Allied Health Sciences and also in all other branches of Education.
  2. Health Care:
    • To Institute and provide for Multipurpose Super-specialty Hospital(s) and Trauma Care Centre(s) by upgrading the existing Institutions and to establish them as a Centre of Excellence for the advancement of research and dissemination of the knowledge.
    • To conduct courses under UG/PG Degrees – Diplomas, Higher Specialties and other Academic Distinctions of the University.
  3. Research and Development: Along with patient care, medical research is a primary focus at Santosh University. Ongoing scientific research occupies a major and important part of its activities. The University is well equipped with a state-of-the-art research center, which keeps the patients and the extended medical community abreast with the latest developments.
Santosh University’s strategic location has resulted in an increase in its popularity and has made it a preferred choice for students. Located in Ghaziabad, in the NCR region, its accessibility to New Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida, makes it very attractive. Located a mere 16 miles from India Gate, Santosh University presents world class medical education, in the best possible setting and location in NCR.
Accreditations & Rankings
The college is listed in the WHO’s World Directory of accredited medical schools and IMED (the International Medical Education Directory of Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) which holds the United States Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). Santosh Medical College is one of the selected Epidemiology and related training institutes, recognized by the WHO. The college is also recognized by the Indian Medical Council, the Indian Dental Council and UGC of India. Santosh Medical College is also the regional center for Pharmacovigilance.
Very recently, Dialogue India ranked Santosh University number 5 in its list of top medical colleges in North India and number 3 in its list of top private and deemed universities of Uttar Pradesh. India Today’s group Mail today also listed Santosh University in its top choices of medical colleges for 2012 & 13.
Now, with more than two decades of global experience and a thorough understanding of medical education and healthcare industry, Santosh University is rapidly striding on to achieve its vision of becoming a global leader in medical education through academic excellence, research and innovation and enable social transformation.


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